Good or Bad

Nick Balesteri
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People Jailbreak for many reasons, A recent discussion at work prompted a debate.

In regards to In_ _ _ _ _ _ (The one that gives you free Apps) ....

Do you think that it should be allowed?
Do you use In_ _ _ _ _ _ ... If so for what?
What do you use Jailbreak for?


  • iPhoneHacks
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    Piracy is stealing and ends up giving jailbreaking a bad name. We have a zero tolerance for piracy and as you can see we have even blocked the use of such words here.
  • JIA
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    I jailbreak for tweaks that make my iPhone a better device and with more functionality.

    I mean, let's be honest here. How many of us dare to say we have NEVER pirated something in our life, be it a book, or whatsoever.

    So therefore I find it acceptable when people say they pirate to try an app first, see if they like it, then buy it. But plain pirating? A big no-no.
  • Rounak
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    I've lost all my enthusiasm for jb over time. I remember earlier I used to jb the instant the dev team/geohot/chronic dev released their software, but now don't really feel the need to jailbreak. That said, I still miss SBSettingss when I'm not jb'en.