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    Iphone 3gs ipad bb no network/searching/no service total solution

    edited June 2012 in Unlock forum
    Iv'e found this solution on a web and it's totally working. i've revived 4 3gs with these steps:

    1. iPhone 3GS with iPad BB(06.15)

    1. Install/Upgrade to 5.1.1(I used snowbreeze to create a custom ios, use simple mode to do this)
    2. Add to cydia
    3. Install Ultrasnow fixer
    4. Install Ultrasnow
    5. Open redsnow, goto extras, click “select IPSW”, select stock ios 5.1.1 software and use it for rest of the process
    6. Go back and click jailbreak
    7. Select only install ipad BB, dont select install cydia or any other options
    8. Follow the instructions and flash iPad BB
    9. After phone reboots everything works
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