Iphone 4 04.12.01 Baseband Unlock

Michael Posts: 0
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Hey guys, i have my old iphone 4 and my mom mistakenly updated it to 5.1.1 , and since its factory locked , the baseband got upgraded to 04.12.01 and now its locked.
its been 3 months i guess , and i have found no way to unlock it, plus the SHSH method doesn't work for me as it was too late to save them.
more over the gevey sim and all the other tools almost not available here in Lebanon Middle East.
and if so it cost a lot.
so is there any chance soon that the Dev Hackers team and all the others, would have an unlock solution for this issue?
ill be glad to donate for that thing that will unlock the iphone 4. cuz now its resting on my room shelf , and it feels bad, cuz i paid a lot for it =( ...