How Does Apple’s Maps in iOS 6 Stack Up Against Google Maps?

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imageHow Does Apple’s Maps in iOS 6 Stack Up Against Google Maps?

The big takeaway from Apple's WWDC keynote earlier this week was that the company was doing all it could to upset Google. Siri's jabs on Android, Scott For...

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  • Angel
    Angel Posts: 2
    I tihnk Apple is not doing it right. They are rushing on deliver some "cool" products that are not completely mature yet like Siri, now this maps. Apple should not do this if they cannot provide a good quality product, or cannot compete at the level of the existent ones (Google Maps).
  • Gotta echo Angel here. I'm a HUGE Apple fan, but this seems like a rushed, incomplete, inferior design released early to try to one-up Google.

    That's not how a certain CEO I once knew would have done this. It's **** until its perfect.

    Right now, it's ****.
  • xtremee
    xtremee Posts: 33
    Let's hope Apple irons out most of these issues by the time iPhone is launched
  • 11_11
    11_11 Posts: 13
    I just hope Google Maps remains an alternative. Lack of transit directions and artificially limiting features to 4S+ hasn't been a good start.
  • I am using the maps program in ios6 beta myself and tbh its garbage. Detail is terrible. The only saving grace is turn by turn driving directions but I have that with MotionX and my external tom-tom. TBH This whole iOS6 upgrade is more 5..25 - 5.5 patch with some minor features thrown in then a true upgrade imho.
  • This is one of the best side-by-side comparisons of Google and Apple Maps I've seen on the web so far. What me and my fellow MBA students wonder, however, is what the long term implications of this mapping war for Google and Apple is going to be. Will either Google or Apple gain a major competitive advantage? We argue that they both turn out as losers in the competitive struggle. Feel free to check out our article, which extends on your ideas
  • The absence of ALL Google Maps features (transit, streetview, map details...) as they are intergrated in iOS 5.x is enough for me to simply avoid updating to iOS 6.
  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Posts: 2
    I used the new IOS6 Apple maps yesterday in Melbourne, but for some reason, the audible turn notifications are not functioning. I'm not sure if there's an on and off button for sound in this app in the beta version, but until it works for me, my Sygic app works better.