Carriers Quiet About Offering FaceTime On Their Networks

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image Carriers Quiet About Offering FaceTime On Their Networks

Carriers Quiet About Offering FaceTime On Their Networks

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  • xtremee
    xtremee Posts: 33
    It is just amazing carriers will get away with it
  • maverick99
    maverick99 Posts: 22
    FaceTime over cellular network should be good news for Carriers in the long term as they move to data-only plans. Not sure why they're so worried.
  • Chuckie
    Chuckie Posts: 9
    Well Teliasonera in Sweden have started to charge extra if people wants to use Skype on mobile phones. They say that they loose money so that's why they do it. It doesn't matter to the company that the customers are already paying for data use. No no, people have to pay an extra amount each month just to be able to use Skype.

    So I'm a bit curious if this means that they will also block FaceTime and start to charge for that "service" also. I live in Denmark and here the same phone company aren't that big so they can't start to charge people for this. They have done it in Sweden since they are the largest mobile provider there. I think it's a stupid idea and I hope they will loose customers so other companys won't follow that trend.
  • mkimid
    mkimid Posts: 8
    I feel they should like to support it. Because of many user will use their data quickly and they will need to buy more data.
    Actually, AT&T 3G speed has increased so much recently. Last night, I got around 400kB/s. it is almost 5 times higher than last year. It is just in my area.
    Except metro city area, I feel the data speed is not a problem.
  • iPhoneHacks
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    @Chuckie we won't be surprised that FaceTime gets clubbed with Skype in Sweden ..

    But carriers should not block FaceTime as users will end up using more data which they can ultimately charge for and recover any loss they make from drop in voice calls. We don't expect FaceTime video calls to cannibalize voice calls anytime soon as most of us will still prefer to make voice calls.