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    PLEASE HELP- Accidentally upgraded jailbroken phone - Now stuck on activation/start up screen. HELP!

    bciccone3bciccone3 Posts: 2
    edited July 2012 in iPhone Forum
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!..... So I did something really iphone4 is jailbroken and I by accidentally updated it to 5.1.1. I had to restore it because it was stuck in recovery mode. Not it is stuck on the activation screen...the screen that you have when you first get the phone. It won't activate through itunes and it won't activate through the phone when you connect it to wifi.

    I've tried EVERYTHING. I've restored it. Tried to restore and downgrade. Tried to rejailbreak it. Nothing it working! It won't activate no matter what I do.

    If anyone could help me I would sooo greatly appreciate it, I don't care if it's even jailbroken anymore, I just want to it turn on and be a normal phone.



    • srikar09srikar09 Posts: 2
      just by activation through original sim card you can activate and jailbreak it
      there is no other way described in this site and anywhere else
      u just need the original simcard or buy gevey simcard to unlock it and then jailbreak to use it again
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