no idea how to unlock this thing!

Alisha Aitken-Radburn
edited August 2012 in Unlock forum
bit of info first: iphone 3gs running ipad baseband and 5.1.1 firmware -> it's jailbroken with cydia on it, i originally unlocked it with ultrasn0w and rocky racoon to make it untethered, and it was absolutely working fantastically for about 2 weeks... then one night! boom! it says 'no sim' and i am :(

then i sat at my computer trying all these different things, uninstalled ultrasn0w, reinstalled, uninstalled the fixer, reinstalled, uninstalled rocky, reinstalled -> was unlocked and worked perfectly for a little bit and i was :) but then once again 'no sim'

end of story -> at the moment it is recognising my telstra sim after some uninstalling and playing around but it isn't showing 3G and I'm not able to send texts but I can still recieve !? weird hey!

if anyone has any idea what is happening inside my little iphone and can give me some steps to fix it? i even tried SAM - close, no cigar...