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    HELP ME :) Regarding (NOTES/REMINDERS) and iPhone 5.

    FrankFrank Posts: 0
    edited September 2012 in iPhone Forum
    I have a question.. I have a Jailbroken 4S synced to iCloud and I am getting the iPhone 5 next week. When I get the iPhone 5, I do not want to restore from an iCloud backup. I want to use the iPhone 5 fresh and clean and sync ONLY my reminders, notes, and text messages to it and NOTHING else. (No settings, no apps, no nothing!) Is this possible in any way?

    One more thing, If I do a Full Reset/Restore of my iPhone 4S via latest iTunes for PC (Shift/Restore), so there is no data on it and the Jailbreak is removed (preparing to sell it), when I get my iPhone 5, will the notes and reminders that were on while I was using the 4S sync to the iPhone 5, or will they be gone? Do they stay on, regardless if I wipe out the phone I used to create them? — Is that data associated to my account or my iPhone 4S? Know what I mean? I need a better understanding. I don't want to lose any of the data in my notes, reminders, and texts -- and I want only those put back on my iPhone 5 when I receive it Friday :) Any help would be great. Thanks.
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