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    iPhone 4S - Verizon locked - Problem

    djdaledjdale Posts: 1
    edited September 2012 in iPhone Forum
    Hello all... I'm iPhone user for 2 months and it's a very good smart phone.. I love it! :)

    But... I have problem with my phone today, I don't know why... I have done restore because it was so buggy..
    I'm using X-Sim card, because phone is locked to Verizon (America).

    Problem is: When I switch on the phone, I must first do activation then jailbreak. I do activation and then go to absinthe to finish jailbreak because I must delete Carrier name from some folders... I have start jailbreak and after iPhone reboot, I get 'activation required' message again...

    Question is how to jailbreak it?

    I really need my phone to work, so I really need help! :((((
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