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    iPhone secrecy of files and no audio recording of my life

    urban20urban20 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012 in iPhone Forum

    I want to make files as secret as possible. Problems :
    1. It is, probably, easily to get information by Apple from iPhone, which is available within device : Apple
    probably left some "mistakes" or unknown processes within iOS for agencies like CIA.
    2. It is easibly to record what happens in my life through many phones even then they are turned off.

    If it is needed - I can create software. I study IT and have experience in programming.
    Here is what I have already done(it is not enough probably) :
    1. Jailbroken iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 .
    2. Changed passwords for users : root, mobile. However, there are another users : nobody, daemon,
    ftp, wireless, securityd, mdnsresponder, sshd, unknown. Which PASSWORDS for users I must change ?
    3. I changed privileges for important files : only owner can read, write, execute files.
    4. With tool 'Backgrounder' changed settings for some apps : they do not work in background or start
    without my command. Then minimized - turns off.
    Backgrounding turned off : Clock, Compass, Camera, iFile, iTunes, Mail(it STILL opens without my command), Maps,
    Messages, Phone, Settings, Skype. There are others but they are not important.

    What else do You suggest to make my life as secret as possible ?
    Does airplane mode really secure me from turning on microphone
    by other agencies and corporations (then recording what is happening in my life) ?

    Thank you


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