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    iPhone 5 lightning cable getting stuck at USB end... Becoming a major issue?

    K!llerCheezeK!llerCheeze Posts: 2
    edited September 2012 in iPhone Forum
    I became aware of this problem when it happened to me.

    I've had my lightning cable get completely stuck in the USB port of my pc. When I say stuck I don't mean a bit tight, I mean completely locked into the port. I almost destroyed the cable getting it out before I found this thread on Apple's support forums and tried the paper trick to release it. It seems the 2 indentations on the bottom of the USB plug are too deep causing the retaining pins in many USB ports to grip the plug and lock it in place.

    This it seems could become major issue for Apple. I'll be visiting my local apple store to try and get a replacement. Mine still works but I've made a mess of the plug trying to use pliers to release it, and that didn't work.

    It may be worth posting this to the main page so people can see the fix to release the plug without destroying the cable.


    • MattMatt Posts: 1
      I am in contact with an Apple support supervisor on this issue. The cable gets so stuck in my laptop, I can carry it around by the cable. I recommended that absent a cable redesign, they should offer all impacted customers a free Lightning adapter so I can use my old iPhone cable that doesn't suffer this issue
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