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    iPhone 5 battery concern

    Colm HeneghanColm Heneghan Posts: 3
    edited September 2012 in iPhone Forum
    After my previous annoying daily sometimes twice daily charges on my iPhone 4 I was a bit more wary on the iPhone 5 when it comes to charging it and watching the usage now.
    But when I received my iPhone 5 first I'm sure it said 11 hours or around that for TIME SINCE LAST FULL CHARGE and yesterday (after a few charges since) I noticed this had dropped down to 7 hours 11 mins (@2% remaining)
    I even took a picture of it so after all the trolling through the help on iPhone battery tips which I have done today,I will report back on what the usage is after doing these tips(switching location things off etc )
    Just wondering does anyone else notice this and can they report back with their usage times.
    It would be a great feedback to apple if I could get these times and especially for me.


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