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    Arithmetic challenge

    vpointvpoint Posts: 2
    edited October 2012 in iPhone Apps Forum
    Like its name, "Arithmetic challenge" is actually an online math game which inspires your child's passion for mathematics.
    This game is a great way to help your child see that math is a very interesting field. They do not only have chance to reinforce their math knowledge but also enjoy the funny moments. The game sharpens kids’ logic thinking and makes them more sensitive to math operations. The game is designed to help your baby improve his abilities as a whole, or he can choose to focus on one of the four main operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. He will practice a habit of quick thinking in a fixed time limit to achieve the highest score. Encourage your child to win themselves by higher scores. Help your kids build the important math skills from the most basic things!
    The outstanding features:
    + The application is designed in accordance with the levels from easy to difficult, from basic to advanced
    + Simple graphics but charismatic, giving kids a sense of fun
    + You can easily track your child's progress through each level.
    + Each equation will be a challenge, and the application is a mountain of challenge.
    + Equip kids fun while mathematics learning.
    Download at:
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