Ancient Mystery (iPad / iPhone Game) Launch: Promotion , $100 of prizes

There are three chances to win – IF you can solve the Ancient Mystery (an iOS game).

There will be a total of 3 Winners for this Competition. The First Winner will get $50, and the remaining two will get $25 each (See the terms at the end) .

Ancient Mystery
(itunes link:

What is the secret ‘code’ that connects Plato Socrates, Myths, Dragons, Greek Gods, Ancient Philosophies, a Cave man, the beginnings of civilization, Astrology, and many jewels of wisdom from different thinkers of different ages?
Can you spot the clues, survive the challenges, acquire the objects of wisdom, uncover the big puzzle, and unlock the chamber of secret teachings?

Read more about Ancient Mystery here:

Here is what you need to do to qualify and possibly win one of the prizes :
1. SOLVE the Ancient Mystery
2. Rate/Review Ancient Mystery
3. Fill out the details on :

More things to do (Will improve your chances of winning, but you can still win if you don’t):
1. Share Ancient Mystery on Facebook/Twitter and Recommend it to others, and have them mention your name when they submit their solutions – It will improve your chances of winning.
2. If you like the game, Rate / Review Ancient Mystery in iTunes App Store. Please don’t reveal any of the solutions in your review, Just write about what you liked most about the app. Remember the username you used to Rate/Review, because you will need that later. (Putting in a 5-stars Rating without writing anything Qualifies too)
3. Reply to this thread with a random number that fits the description: “ 3 digit number” -- Enter that same number on the form

Terms & Description

This is a competition around the iOS (iphone & ipad) app ‘Ancient Mystery’. The purpose is to spread the word about Ancient Mystery, and motivate users to engage in solving and discussing the app.

This promotion is intended to help spread the word about Ancient Mystery, and to promote it. It doesn’t ask you to post something you don’t believe in order to increase your chances of winning, but… The people who like Ancient Mystery the most are typically more likely to win J

The winners will be announced and contacted in the week after December 15th. Prizes will be sent via Paypal. Each player is allowed one entry. The winners will be selected Randomly, but other criteria like Number of people referred , and Quality of the review will have an effect too.

Email: [email protected] for clarifications/questions