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    lets petition to apple let them know what we want!

    We need to start some type of voting system or some type of petition, for features or ideas that most people agree on to submit to apple. I my self have emailed tim cook several times trying to enlighten him on what us users want in ios, and how little by little they are loosing us. Even tho its not showing in numbers yet, people are getting fed up and tierd of apple, maybe if we have enough signatures they will start to listen. one of my ideas to Tim was to create a jailbreak like feature with app pirating blocked and let us add the tweaks/ features that we want and cydia can be the tweak store this would be a win win another thing i would love to have is widgets and interactive wallpaper like in android. Apple needs to get the ball rolling again they are to conferrable with what they make in sales maybe they need this push we need to speak out and get our message across because what they dont know and may not have a person that explains how true users feel about or want from ios we can be that voice because at the pace that they are going they are going to get left behind and thats just around the corner. so if anybody has an idea of how to get this started something professional voting system/petition so we can submit to apple feel free to do so lets put our heads together.
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