Iphone 3Gs Stuck in DfU mode After restore and jailbreak .... HELP!!!

JoeJoseph McCarthy
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Please help...... I used Snowbreeze to download and create the IPSW file I choose the simple mode and the old bootrom cuz it already had the jailbreak (I choose that cuz I guest thats what it means), then I used iTunes to restore it, and when it finished it said that the iphone needed to be restored to be use cuz it is in recovery mode, the iphone had black screen like when it is turn off,i guest it is still on the Dfu mode, ok so I decided to jailbreak it, I used redsnow, the iphone screen shown the images like when it is been jailbreaking so I though that the process was going well, then it finished, but it went again into the black screen, (I guess still in DFU mode), I tried to boot it with the redsnow option and nothing.

I used the latest versions of Snowbreeze and redsnow.
I didnt save any shsh blobs
It dont turn on
Firmware 4.3.3 jailbroken
I tried to restore to 5.1.1
It stil make the sound when I connect and disconnect it to the pc.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, I dont now what else to do.

Thank You
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