Top 10 iOS Apps for Personal Productivity

Keeping your life organized and running smoothly requires some assistance these days. We minimized the size of our data platforms, but we still need big functionality to keep us on track. Here’s the top 10 iOS apps that people are using just for that purpose.

CloudtoGo – This free file sharing app is getting rave reviews. Install Cloud from LineBreak on your Mac and CloudtoGo on your iPhone and sharing files, folders and screenshots with others is as simple as dragging them to the Cloud. The app creates a link for you to share on a webpage. If it’s in the Cloud on your Mac, then you simply open up CloudtoGo on your iphone and you can see the it there as well.

Todobox –It is another Free app which can save your busy life. Todobox is not only a task manager for yourself, but also a best reminder for you to remind other people. You can remind your grandfather to take pills on time, and remind your work group to attend a sales meeting, just with a few steps. Group SMS, group Email are available. You will never miss your important tasks, so do your friends, families,workmates etc.

Evernote – Do you need to have your organization tools simple to use and in one place? That is Evernote. It can be your digital file cabinet. Documents, photos, emails, webpages (Yes, webpages!) or your own little notes, typed or pasted into a new note. Create separate folders for different types of information to keep it organized. Can’t remember where it is? Type some of the text into the search bar and Evernote will find it for you. Setup the clip tool on your browser and clip a webpage or a portion of a page into Evernote. Forward emails to your Evernote. It’s great!

IProcrastinate – Another free app created by Craig Otis. This one organizes your to-do list for you. It will keep you synced between your iPhone and your Mac and allows you to create steps for your projects listed.

Wunderlist – This is not just another to-do list app. Wunderlist has built-in collaboration features so that you can sync a project’s task list with everyone involved. You can also email tasks to Wunderlist and keep it synced across all your different platforms. Wundkinder has done a great job on the creation of this app.

Bento – Ever wish you could put your calendar, contacts, task and photo collections all together in one connected app? Bento from Filemaker does that for you. Go to one app to see your clients appointment time and their contact info, all at once.

Smalltask – Simple and quick is the name of the game with this task organizer created by Ivan Pavlov. Type in just the info you need, no filling in multiple fields. It remains synced across all your platforms and items are quickly deleted from the list as you complete them.

Numbers – Your spreadsheets don’t need to be confined to your desktop or MacBook. Numbers iOS versions keep you working across all your platforms, including you iphone.

Pages – Your wordprocessor is still the best tool for writing out anything of length. Pages, Apple’s wordprocesor still rates as the number one productivity app for iOS platforms.

Best Alarm Clock – Get rid of your old radio alarm and replace it with your iphone and this fun little app from myNewApps. Wake up to iTunes and glance over to see the temperature and weather displayed, along with the time.

These are just the top ten. Some of them are free and others will cost you a few dollars, but they’ve all been rated as some of the best by those who use them.