Evernote's iPhone App Helps you Organize Life's Information

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imageEvernote's iPhone App Helps you Organize Life's Information

Advertised as "your external brain", Evernote lets you remember anything that you want using your iPhone. You can jot down stuff that you need to buy for home, save interesting pictures when you're out with friends, take a snapshot of a product that you'll purchase later or capture an interesting...

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  • Traxx Trigga
    Traxx Trigga Posts: 9
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    i love evernote.. it helps organize damn near everything... one BIG plus that u didn't mention is that evernote (if u want it to) will recognize notes based on your gps so if you're in the mall and u only have enough for one thing and you'll have to come back to get the other.. when u write the note in evernote it will pull up your notes u wrote at the mall.. i wish they would make it where u can grab a location and set notes for that place.. like next time I'm at the supermarket I have to buy eggs.. and be able to write that note at home and google map the address of the market and attach it.. maybe i should write that app ... lol

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Thanks for pointing it out, I forgot to mention of Evernote's location aware feature.

    However, other than recording the location while adding a note, there is no additional functionality based on the information recorded other than viewing the location in maps. I am guessing they would add more functionality in future versions.

    The feature you mentioned would be quite interesting, go ahead write an app and we will definitely write about it here at iPhone Hacks :)

  • iconoclast
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    I don't see what the big deal is with evernote. There are plenty of other apps for notes/photos/gps/etc. (I've used YouNote quite a bit myself) and the only difference seems to be that evernote wants to send my data across the internet to some server of theirs for processing, which may or may not be reachable depending on my connection at the time I want to read it back, all for the slim hope that while they're rummaging through my data they might be able to ocr some words out of the pictures I give them?
    I really don't understand why evernote continues to get attention over any of it's competetors which do as much or sometimes even more than evernote. I've tried it, and it's not bad but I wasn't particularly impressed either. Why the fascination with evernote?

  • Paul
    Paul Posts: 239
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    i've used this since the beginning. I love it the web clipping feature is great when tracking shipments and copying pictures. If you don't have it give it a try.

  • marc
    marc Posts: 103
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    I heard that Evernote sends all notes and data to themselves and they're able to reproduce and store the information and use it at their own will. That's why I use Younote.

  • ugrzegorz@gmail.com
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    does the free version expire after 1 month? or is it free for ever?

  • Carlos
    Carlos Posts: 45
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    EverNote is very unstable for me, not sure if it happens to others. I like Idea Organizer much better though it lacks one thing that I wish would be implemented soon - the ability to sync.

  • Brett
    Brett Posts: 104
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    "let me create new notebook on iPhone."

    I agree, it sucks not to be able to create notebooks on the fly while you are away from the computer.

    To work around this issue, I created a notebook named "Inbox" and set it as the default notebook. I use that notebook for new notebook items on the iphone. That way, the next time I am on a computer I can easily create the notebook and move the items over. Setting it to the default lets me forward emails to my Evernote "Inbox" using the supplied email address and put them in the right notebook later.

  • Jay
    Jay Posts: 295
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    It's simple, I can access my notes from anywhere that way, and there has never been a problem with connecting to their servers.

    I clip a web page from my computer I can get it with my iPhone. I take a photo note with my iPhone, I can get it with my netbook.

    It's so obvious. One app and it's accessible from anywhere I am.

  • Jay
    Jay Posts: 295
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    Evernote has always been very reliable and always available for me.

    Don't know why you're having problems.

  • JP Maroney
    JP Maroney Posts: 1
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    I'm with you on the creating notebooks on the iPhone. Great app but that's a definite weakness I'd like to see them address.

  • Evelina
    Evelina Posts: 2
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    nice app. i'm using ,,Plan". It's time manager and calendar in one. I note my tasks, creating agendas and schedules and finally don't forgot anything. Brilliant app ;)http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/plan/id428005487?mt=8&ls=1#