[HowTo] Take down an Entire Network with simple iPhone/iPad

This is possible ??
Look this post where i get from iPhone Forum.

Getting this app on Cydia (BigBoss repository): 'mptcp'.
• You need be connected on wireless network that will take down.
• The mptcp is a console package, so you need the MobileTerminal app to run it.

So follow this steps:
1. Look for 'mptcp' on Cydia (BigBoss Repository). This is default on Cydia installer, so look for "mptcp" directally on search option.

2. Install mptcp and open the terminal console on iPhone (mobile terminal) (or use ssh mode to connect it). The app Mptcp is a console mode only !!

3. Run 'mptcp' on the terminal, the app have many options.

4. Look for -r option (range ipaddres-ipaddress). Before, use "su" to login as root.

5. Make sure there is a wireless connection up, ie: Connect naturally to wireless network that you want take down:
On iPhone/iPad go to: Settings >> Wi-Fi >> and note yourself IP address.

6. Now, you know your IP address and know the information about this network (knows about range IP address).

7. Run: mptcp -r ip-ip, ie:
# mptcp -r

So all connections on the range and will take down. Use -e option to ignore your ip address.
While this shot is running, all addresses on the range will be out of comunication.