iPhone with Quad-Core Processors Coming in June 2009?

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imageiPhone with Quad-Core Processors Coming in June 2009?

Okay, I must admit the first part of the title is based on a rumor (speculation) which we had reported earlier today but the second part is based on Phil Schiller's, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing statement to David Pogue of New York Times at Macworld 2009....

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  • Kray-Z
    Kray-Z Posts: 85
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    I am I am *jumps up and down waiving hands* now the question is, besides the quad core what else could be new??? Copy and Paste? lol that would be hilariouse judging by the fact that its a software thing. I guess they could have a 32Gb or better battery, or even a better camera. But we already have the main harware upgrades, 3G and gps. Oh well knowing apple they will come up with something that will leave us if not in aww, then astounded pondering "what the hell are they thinking" Thou i think its to soon for a new iphone and belive that it will simply be a 32Gb memory upgrade.

  • Moustafa!
    Moustafa! Posts: 1
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    A front facing webcam!! The iPhone 3.0 needs a fucking webcam!!!! Come on Apple, for **** sakes, give us a god-damn webcam. Every other smartphone made today comes equipped with them. 3G network speeds have the capability to support 2-way video. ****!!!

  • Erasmus
    Erasmus Posts: 12
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    Quad Core? This is probably for some tablet device instead of a phone. Or maybe a tablet device with an integrated phone?


    JOEY GARCIA Posts: 1
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    I'll pay whatever apple charges for a new iphone... i find it so easy to sell my old generation iphone to students in high school that just want to pop their tmobile sim card and keep their tmobile plan... Thanks to DevTeam that's possible!
    LONG LIVE APPLE! We'll follow them everywhere!

  • Jonny H
    Jonny H Posts: 47
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    Dude.... I want one. For reals!!!!!!

  • Amit
    Amit Posts: 40
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    i think i m not ready for quad iphone, instead i need some real function on existing iphone like copy and paste which is most have

  • Kevin
    Kevin Posts: 154
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    I was really surprised that the silver bezel was kept around for iPhone rev #2. I think the clean front black lines of the Touch are sweet. Getting a new phone (hardware) every summer seems ambitious, even for Apple. I could use more than 16GB now and with over 1500 pictures on the phone a better cpu would be welcomed. Given the way the market is going, it seems foolish that Apple is not introducing a netbook or Internet device for less then $500. I guess we'll see in Summer.

  • Gilberto
    Gilberto Posts: 17
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    how about getting some more 3g towers near my area? I know apple needs to adresse this issue with att so that in 18 months when my contract is up everybody that doesn't live in remote areas can get reliable 3g signal and then maybe they can all think about buying a second generation 3g iPhone ( third generation overall) quad band sounds like video conferencing with other iPhone 3.0 users, And that sounds sweet...

  • Benson
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    Jap I am waiting for the next iPhone. I really need a new phone but right now there isn't any alternative to the iPhone. N97 is too thick and the OS is not really taking advantage of the touchscreen like iPhone does. Blackberry Storm doesn't have Wi-Fi. Xperia X1 Same thing with the OS and too Ugly and so on for the other phones.
    The only phone I would buy right now is the iPhone 3G, but since there is gonna be an update in june I think I won't be regretting the fact that I've waited

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    It depends what features the next IPhone has. What for do I need a quad core processor for. Games ??? Usually I'm always good for a change to the new and better gadgets.

  • coMet
    coMet Posts: 8
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    First- And always waiting to see what is around the corner!

  • Pomidor
    Pomidor Posts: 1
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    A new hardware release every June? I find that very hard to belive. Even if the R&D could keep up with such a pace, it would be very offputting to custumers to buy the new product... because in just 11 months there will be a new one. I can think of no phone manufacturer that comes up with a new hardware update on the same model every year, its usually the first model, then a year or so after the first model a slightly beefed up and then a much longer wait for a totaly new (better) model from the same family.

  • Blaine
    Blaine Posts: 11
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    I've been holding on to my first gen iPhone since October of 07. The 3g, although tempting, didn't have quite enough new features to make me upgrade. Not to mention the higher monthly fee. I feel safe saying if this rumor turns out to be true, I will definitely be in line for an upgrade come June.

  • Jake
    Jake Posts: 62
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    i want abetter battery that is the most important and a better processpr wpuld be nice to multi task. this will be my first iphone i have had the ipod touch 1g and 2g i bought them the day they came out....
    BUT now i dont have to dream because my parents finally agreed att is the way to go... i knok the coverage sux but i managed to trick them into it.....

    and dont say im a little kid for being on my parents line.. but they do pay 100% of the bill and that rox unlim txt unlim data i almost luv them.

  • Yet
    Yet Posts: 1
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    its prob the nano version.

  • djman10
    djman10 Posts: 94
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    I agree with Kray-Z and Pomidor. Hence, here's my GUESS for a potential June iPhone:
    32 GB
    3.2 megapixels
    Slightly better battery life
    New shape and colors
    3.0 firmware with Copy & Paste, Flash support, wifi sync, Notes that Sync, minor new features and tweaks within the many apps (choose 2-3 for each app). Maybe bluetooth data transfer. These are fairly easy things that can be done without much R&D and just enough to keep us coming back.

  • Jaime
    Jaime Posts: 8
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    How about a removable battery, a SD card slot, slideable real keyboard.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Posts: 16
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    I'm a blckberry user and I love the reliability and solid business oriented performance of blackberries.I Wanted to buy iphone 3G but lack many normal features held me back to buy one. if a new Iphone has these features I will buy one.

    1. better faster processor
    2. 32gb space
    3. Full flash support (very important)
    4. better battery long lasting or perhaps removable battery
    5. higher resolution screen maybe would be a nice add
    6. front cam would be nice feature as almost every phone have it in Europe for video calling since its on 3G

    and I wanted to say the video recording mms and copy & past but I guess this is coming with the new software anyway which I believe iphone should've had in first place like every other phone

    lets wait and see if Apple will win me over this time

  • Zoltan
    Zoltan Posts: 18
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    I love that bezel. I hate the plastic one of the touch, sry, but i love it, it looks cool

  • mino
    mino Posts: 1
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    the new iphone is something all of us are waiting for i think the new apple iphone will be realesd in june 2009
    and it will have a much 1. faster processor 2. better camera
    3. better wireless 4. more space 32GB,46GB
    5. better screen 6. better built in(speaker)
    7. more colours
    8. cheaper iphone

  • geogo3r
    geogo3r Posts: 127
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    It's nice to think number 8 would be a reality but I don't think with all those great features will help lower the price tag. :[

  • Cooller
    Cooller Posts: 1
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    For the new Iphone that should come out this year in 2009. I hope that it would be cheaper and better that the old Iphone. They should be able to keep customers for a while. If they don't come out with a good phone like 32GB or better processing that doesn't freez. I will certainly change my provider. Other providers are coming out with 4G this year what's with ATT trying to rip people off all the time. Others have a better rate with a better service. In San Diego no matter where you are really ATT is NO WHERE NEAR raising the bar. Thats all bull.

  • California
    California Posts: 0
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    I could't agree more ATT really suck even in LA Clifornia. Even the sound quality sucks as well. There are know to take more money from you in what ever way possible. They even remove everything from the new phone box to make more money and give you less for their own profits ATT doesn't realy care for theri customers. Unless its to their advantage.

  • Mat R
    Mat R Posts: 1
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    I'm defintly waiting until June to buy my iPhone. I bought the touch and love it so much I need to have the phone. I think apple is undoubtly coming out with a new phone this June. The cell phone market is SO competitive that they have to. I think well see a video cam, better still cam, new processor, metal back ( not the plastic on the iPhone 3G). Iwish/ hope that they offer the white iPhone on the 8gig model

  • BennyJ
    BennyJ Posts: 1
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    Sorry but the bezel ateast on the first gen is not plastic. It's an aluminum alloy. Anyway I am looking forward to be a third gen iPhone user. Bring on the upgrades!

  • mike
    mike Posts: 489
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    AT&T stands for its service and it doesnt cover more than anyother network in the USA. this not me saying but whats all over the news and reports. at&t does offer more phones than anyother carrier. dont say negative comments about the giant company because you simply cant get it at tmobile or other providers. :)

  • Jason
    Jason Posts: 585
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    I have heard that a new iPhone is coming in June with a faster 3G capability, the new 3.0 software, FM radio transmission and reception capabilities, and a couple other small things

  • ggg30@aol.com
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    Please!!! Give me a break you sidekick user!!!

  • Jon
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  • resa
    resa Posts: 4
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    WTF... Blackberries don't have those kind of things.. Geez