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    Grinding the lightning adapter to fit case

    The biggest pain for me with the new lightning adapter on the iPhone5 was that I had to slip off my case before it would go in far enough to make electrical contact. Then I saw a tear down of the adapter. I could see there was about 3/16 in of plastic between the actual internals and the top of the adapter case where it meets the iPhone case. So I decided to carefully grind down the top of the case until I just began to see the metal case around the guts. I used a Dremel. It now will make contact electrically with the phone WITHOUT having to remove the case. Looks kinda "hacked" with part of the guts peeking through the top, but works fine.

    Anybody else try this? Any suggestions on what cutting/grinding wheel to use to get a more "finished" appearance? I used a Dremel 426 fiberglass cutoff wheel like they did in the tear down. But it gets the plastic so hot it flows and gets messy. (Grind slower?)


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