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    iPhone 4 camera hacked?!

    Please take the time to read this.
    I have a friend, whos good with computers/hacks etc. He has dispalyed basic signs of a weird obsession to me.... strange text messages etc. I am beginning to fear that he has hacked my Iphones Front/rear camera. IT IS MORE LIKE AN IPOD TOUCH BECAUSE IT'S LOCKED. The phone would come with me to school once a day and i would take it back home and it would always be connected to my WiFi. How possible is it for this to happen to me? Am i being overly paranoid? The person i am worried about having done it to me has held onto my iPhone for a good 30-40 minutes before however because it doesn't have 3G it can't have been used to plant a software... however he oculd of always used his iPhones hotspot.

    Please help, i'm taking this quite tough to be honest :( Thank you very much for reading!
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