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    iPhone 3gs running 6.1.3 jailbroken - but need help - please

    I have an iPhone 3gs that i recently upgraded to ios 6.1.3 (by a stupid mistake), after jailbreaking it, i am able to turn on my phone. but it doesn't recognize my sim card.
    It seems to me that it should be possible to fix this, but i am unsure as to how. i have read a thousand tutorials, but i havent found one that seems right.
    my baseband is 06.15.00

    Also i am not able to install cydia - i know this should be done manually; but i havent found a working tutorial.

    I am hoping that some clever minds can point me in the right direction, as i am not an apple/iphone expert myself. It is like navigating a jungle finding the right softwares, firmwares, tools, tweaks ect.
    I am so confused and at a loss.

    Please, help,
    Amiara :)
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