Webpage design

Hajo Posts: 4
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While the mobile-friendly (HTML5?) web page design is certainly very nice, I do have a massive problem with it:

Previously I used Feedler to read iphonehacks. No problem there since it reformatted the articles when I opened them. I now switched to feedly, thanks to Google's shutdown in July. Feedly opens the whole webpage which switches to the mobile site. Since feedly itself needs some memory, the browser instance can not load the page into memory, it crashes. Unfortunately every time I open an article. I have this problem only here, other sites work well. So can't really blame feedly for it...

So, in a nutshell. iphonehacks.or'sg web design is too resource hogging for me to follow the blog with my RSS reader. Any plan to optimize the design? Otherwise I fear you've just lost a subscriber :(