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    Another Case Manufacturer Hints of iPhone Nano?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageAnother Case Manufacturer Hints of iPhone Nano?

    We had mentioned that Chinese Case manufacturer, XSKN adding references to iPhone Nano on its website was a publicity stunt. We now have a well-known case designer Vaja who has just updated its web catalog revealing that they have plans to release protective case for the iPhone Nano in the...

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    • chatchat Posts: 2
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      good walk thanks you

    • TjTj Posts: 102
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      Sorry Vaja, but I can't see Apple producing an iPhone Nano just yet. If it had, more information would have leaked out from the Chinese factories producing it, just like EVERY other product that has been leaked. The technology is there, but Most people that get other touchscreen phones have one complaint: screen size. The only other phones that compete with the iPhone's screen size hae such horrid UI's that nobody wants them anyways, so it makes little sense for Apple to reduce the size and risk a massive loss of revenue. If anything, Apple is producing a newer version of the iPhone that does not include 3G but DOES include GPS. This would allow people to afford the iPhone AND its service charges, while also giving them access to yet another device feature that reduces the number of boxes in their pocket.

    • sam.sam. Posts: 1
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      this just looks like a stunt that someone has put on to get attention. ive been on that site ( and that isnt even there...and that ornage case isnt even for an iPhone is made for the iPhone 3G.... although there may be an iPhone Nano released most certainly wasnt given away on this website.

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