4S boots up in safemode like state after 30 min boot loop

Help! I have a 2 month old 16gb 4S, ios 6.1.2, jailbroken with evasion, I installed a few cydia apps, and when it went to reboot it seemed to be stuck in a bootloop for over half an hour, then it finally booted up, but it looks like it is in safe mode except it doesn't say safe mode at the top, nor did the "mobile substrate did not cause..." window pop up, but my apps are all out of the folders, none of my tweaks or cydia apps, such as ifile, crash reporter will not work, and my biggest problem, Cydia won't work either. The icon is there but the app won't load. How can I uninstall a recently installed tweak, if I can't open cydia? I have iphone explorer and idevice manager, so I can access the files, but I don't want to go screwing around with it unless I know for sure what I'm doing.