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    Can I update to a selected version of iOS other than the latest version?

    If I get an iPhone that has whatever version of iOS preloaded on it, Can I update to 6.1.2 so I can still jailbreak, rather that updating to the latest, un-jailbreakable version of iOS. If so, how? Thanks.

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    • HiGhGuYHiGhGuY Posts: 10

      I know I need 6.1.2 or earlier to jailbreak, that's why I asked the question. I saw a website where you could download any version of iOS going way back to like v3.x.x but I can't remember the website. If they were offering the download surely you'd be able to implement it, otherwise what would be the point.
    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      There is a way to downgrade to iOS 5.x.x if you have the SHSH blobs on older devices like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS but not the newer ones. And since you are buying an iPhone you won't have SHSH blobs for the older firmwares. They are unique for a device.

      We have a page we maintain links to the iOS firmware files as well, but it doesn't mean there is a way to downgrade, some of the firmwares are relevant for older devices as they are the latest version for that device:
    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      You can read this article by saurik, founder of Cydia for more details:
    • HiGhGuYHiGhGuY Posts: 10
      Thanks. I'll check out that link. BTW.. I don't want to downgrade. I want to upgrade, just not to the latest version. I might get a new 4s (not previously owned), so am assuming It will have an older version of iOS preinstalled. I want to update to 6.1.2 so I can have the most up to date version that is still jailbreakable.
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