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    How do I fix my jailbroken iPhone stuck in recovery mode?

    KoKoLAYKoKoLAY Posts: 2
    edited September 2013 in iPhone Forum
    Please help me...
    I already did those 3 step...

    Hard Reboot -
    Fix Endless Reboot Loop using Volume Up trick -
    Fix Endless Reboot Loop with Redsn0w -
    How to Fix Endless Reboot Loop Problem on your Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    but still in recovery mood... I don't want to restore my iphone...
    i have a lot of data inside...
    How should i do...?

    Problem in iphone 5
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    • If it doesn't work I think you can do this manip:
      Press at the same time the HOME and POWER buttons for 10 sec... let me know if it works
    • How to fix my jailbroken iPhone stuck in recovery mode? I often hear my friends ask me this question. So I scan my books and webs about it, and I now have the answer.
      If your phone is in recovery mode you have no choice but to restore it. All the data on it is already lost if it is in recovery mode, you will have to restore it and when setting it up again at the end of the restore process your phone will restart and you will have to set it up again as you did when it was new. In the process you will be given the option to restore it from and iTunes or iClound backup. If you have been backing up to iClound choose that (be sure to plug your phone in to a wall charger as this will take hours to complete). If you haven't been backing up to iClound choose restore from iTunes backup, then restore from the backup you created the last time you synced your phone. If it won't restore in recovery mode by connecting it to iTunes you will have to try putting it in DFU mode to restore it.Hope help!
    • hi
      i had ios 6.1.3 jailbreaked with evasion on my iphone 4s. i installed **** from cydia and then iphone retarted and stuch on apple logo. i tried to restore on itunes to many ipsws like ios 6.1.3 or ios 7.0. but error 3194 is shown on itunes and is not restoring. what to do plz help..plzzzzzz
    • LeaMicheleLeaMichele Posts: 1
      edited September 2016
      Maybe you can try to google RecoveryTool to get more help. Last time I found my iPhone 6s stuck in recovery mode, and I learnt from the website and successfully get rid of recovery mode. You should have a try!
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