iOS 7 jailbreak coming along nicely.

Hello, I'm new here and to the jailbreaking world, but I have been working on a iOS 7 jailbreak for a while and have Cydia on my iPhone running iOS 7 as I write this. I will release it completely free when it is stable. I have made some jailbreaks before, but Apple patched my exploits too fast/easily, I'm just using simple ones. I'm not trying to beat or compete with the evad3rs, I'm just gonna try to create my own and see how many people will use it. Check my twitter at (iPwn is a pun and parody of iPhone, if you haven't noticed). I will update it as often as I can (usually once a week at the least), and I'm just posting in a forum to get attention and be noticed. Thanks, post your thoughts/tips/comments/questions here, so far I'd same I'm almost half way done.imageimage