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    Ipad stuck in recovery mode.

    Hey ya'll. I was trying to get rid of cydia, and instead of just restoring my ipad like a rational human being, I decided it would be easier to just delete cydia installer. Now my ipad is stuck with the apple logo and won't recover. It can go into recovery mode but when I try to restore I get an error 3194. Help, anyone?


    • if i remember currectly you should connect to tinyumbrella and there it says has a checkbox which says not exact "load thru tiny" or something similar. uncheck that.

      or since you are stuck that might not work, if not,
      hold power and home for 10sec then let the home go and hold power, it has been a while since i did jailbreak. try these combos and one works.

      but the first thing i wrote i am pretty sure there is an option like that. i had the same problem and did get the same msg and solved it like that.

      i hope you can fix it.

      dont panic though. it is easily done. just takes a little time. it WILL be fixed.

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