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    Help needed to upgrade iphone 3gs & re-jailbreak

    bootneckbootneck Posts: 1
    edited September 2013 in iPhone Forum
    About 2 yrs ago I bought a iPhone 3gs that was running ios 5.1.1 & was on vodafone network, I needed it unlocking so it would work on O2 network,so I took it to a shop & they jailbroke it. It was downgraded to ios 4.1 (keeping baseband 6.15). I now need to update it to at least ios 5 or above because most of my apps updates require min ios 5. Can someone help explain what I need to do to be able to update it & then jailbreak it again making sure its unlocked so I can use it on O2 network.Its a new bootrom. In Cydia I have saved blobs 5.0.1/5.1.1 which were actually used before jailbreaking & by using Cydia TSS Center I also saved 6.1.3. If its easier to do using saved blobs then I would prefer to upgrade to 5.1.1 but 6.1.3 would be fine. Im fairly computer literate but a complete noob when it comes to jailbreaking,so I may need a some detailed help,lol


    • After a couple of years most networks will unlock a contract phone - if it was PAYG then it shouldn't cost more than £20 for a factory unlock. A factory unlock is much more stable than using UltraSn0w and will add it's own cost to the value of the phone if you sell it later.

      You're only upgrade issue now is to 6.1.4 which will break your jailbreak and UltraSn0w. Maybe you need to wait a little while.
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