Remote File Manager (SNES emulator) does not retain save data

I managed to download Remote File Manager while it was up on the App Store and have only had one problem: I can't figure out how to keep my saves. Manual saves don't work at all and there only appears to be one save state per ROM. I thought I had figured out that I just needed to use the save state feature because in-game saves would always be erased when I reset or reloaded the ROM/app. Recently, I lost my save state for a game and I can't figure out how to prevent this from happening again.

I think it might be because none of the data is being stored locally and instead uses Drop Box. When I save without an internet connection I seem to be losing ALL data(not just back to my last save while I was still connected to the internet). Is this because there is only one save state? I just want to be sure I don't lost my saves again.

Can anyone explain to me how this works or point me in another direction to look for help?