iPad Storage

I am an oldie in need of SIMPLE help please.My iPad was running short on storage despite me deleting what I didn't need.I pay Apple £14 /yr for extra storage but now find I do not know how to utilize this extra space,when I get the message NOT ENOUGH SPACE as at the moment when there is an OS UPDATE available from Apple.HELP!PLEASE.


  • The extra storage you're paying for is iCloud I assume. iCloud is used for backup and inter-device syncing (calendar, contacts, etc.) it cannot be used to store apps on.

    Try the following to regain some space;

    a) Make sure you delete podcasts once you have listened to them.
    b) Back up videos/photos then delete the ones you don't want on the device.
    c) Check in Setting/General/Usage for unexpectedly large apps - some apps can build up a large cache over time that you could probably get rid of.

    Obviously remove apps and music you don't want or use.