Iphone 5 - 6.1 Jail Broken - Repair resolutions

Hi there. Not much of a tech head so I was looking for some help on this topic.

I have a jail broken iPhone 5 running 6.1 but my ear piece speaker is no longer working. I am told Apple will happily switch over my phone for a replacement but I really want to hang on to my jail break and everything that comes with it. Im worried they will give me a new phone with IOS6 that isn't compatible with a jail break or even worse IOS7 on it. I don't think I could go back to a time with out BiteSMS, Accelerate, type status, SwipeShiftCaret, etc.

Can anyone suggest any resolutions to this?

Its $70 for the replacement of the ear piece outside of apple but I would much prefer to deal with apple than a dodgy market dealer.