ifaith!!!! I NEED HELP URGENTLY!!!!!

I need urgent help so, id appreciate if someone could reply back to me as soon as possible thanks.
The problem im having is.... im currently using my iphone 4s and its running ios 7.0.3 I want to downgrade to either 5.1.1 or 6.0.1 but im having trouble downgrading using the ifaith tool to change my available blobs into ipsw. ive tried it with a few firmwares and I keep getting this message " The provided aptickets looks valid! Althoughthe apticket is valid, the of blobs you selected are not supported in this version of ifaith". Now ive downloaded the latest version of ifaith (1.5.9) and I want to know if theirs another type of software I could use that does the same job or if someone out there could send me there version of the ipsw. Again I tell you how badly I need your help so please get back to me as soon as many thanks ashers