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    The Best Bar Sim Game - Just Released!

    Hey All!

    We've just launched 3-years of blood sweat and beer globally!!! Please check it out :}


    Players are confronted with a run-down dingy warehouse, their mission is simple: transform the warehouse into a thriving establishment!

    Bar Nuts is the only game that lets you manage all aspects of a bar: mix your drinks, serve your patrons, personalize your establishment, satisfy drunk and angry patrons, party with your friends and crash their parties.

    Key Features

    * Build an epic bar: whether it’s a pub, club, casino or table dance joint, it’s up to you!
    * Time to show off: invite your friends and show them what the word “party” really means!
    * Seek revenge by ruining your friends parties and show ‘em who’s boss – do a nudie run, start a riot, call the cops and more
    * Serve drunk and angry patrons
    * Build your bar in exotic locations
    * Customize your avatar – Egyptian? Superhero? Hot Dog? You decide
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