Jailbroken iPhone 4S tweaks failing guide

I was having trouble with cydia tweaks that were compatible with iOS7. I was having issues with the following tweaks:


The tweaks worked great for a while and then they would stop working out of nowhere. I have no idea why but after some messing around i found out how to fix the issue. So if anyone else having similar issues with tweaks that stop working out of no where and you can't seem to fix them after removing and re-installing them, than maybe this guide will help you get those tweaks up and running again.

I have an iPhone 4S and these steps wok for my device.
Jailbroken 7.0.4

1. Go to cydia & uninstall (all) the tweaks that stopped working all of a sudden/for no reason

2. Next, remove the source that you got the tweaks from. EX: repo.insanelyi

3. Reboot device & then re-install the source in which you got the tweaks from.

4. Now, Re-install the the tweaks that you previously had & they should be working again.

5. You're done, repeat the steps when issues reoccur.

OPTIONAL: If you're still having trouble then after step 2 you can install a cydia tweak called iCleaner and clean device of misc files that may still be I'm device. Use this step OnLY of you're still having trouble.

Hope this helps. :-c