Pick One: Duel Mode – Play with your friends and family


Pick One game is all about testing your brain and quick thinking. Goal is to count the objects on the screen as quick as possible and decide if the number of objects is Odd or Even. Players will encounter many obstacles on the way like the bombs, lots of objects, movement etc.
As special thanks to all our players who have helped us to achieve high ranking in 23 countries, Pick One released Duel Mode for playing with friends and family.
Now you can challenge your friends in this addictive Duel Mode and see who is smarter and faster. Players can activate Duel Mode for only $0.99, but as a reward, all the players can get Duel Mode for FREE starting from 13th of January until 19th January 2014.
C'mon all you brainiacs! Show us how good you are when it comes to using your brain!

Download free from App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pick-one/id750923962