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    downgrade help!

    Hey all- noob here. I have an at&t iphone 4 gsm ios7.0.4 i did some investigation into downgrading to ios6 using ifaith. I followed the steps exactly but i get a message from itunes (v11.0) that my iphone cant be restored because im trying to use the wrong firmware? I suspect that my shsh is from a 4s but the owner swears its a 4. Here is what ifaith named the file when i dumped it: 00000081A90E438F_iPhone_4-6.1.3_(10B329)-blobs.ifaith could somebody shine some light for me? Also i had to re-restore my phone back to ios7 because i couldnt get it out of dfu mode. Is there another way? btw, my phone is NOT jailbroken.
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