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    iPad mini Retina with cellular and jailbreak status.

    SkippydooSkippydoo Posts: 3
    edited February 2014 in Jailbreak Forum
    My old iPad mini broke, so I'm debating if I should go for Retina or the same old mini. What I'm most concered about with the Retina (especially with the cellular version) is the horror I read about jailbreaking it. I've read about people having trouble with reboot loop issue (even after evasion updated a fix for it), that some stock apps do not work after jailbreaking. To the people who have jailbroken their iPad mini retinas, how is it working out for you? Thought about all the Cydia apps aswell, is most of the apps that are suitable for iOS 7 also compatible with the 64-bit processor?

    Thanks a million in advance!


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