RipDev Releases Kali Anti-Piracy Service to Protect iPhone Apps from being Pirated

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imageRipDev Releases Kali Anti-Piracy Service to Protect iPhone Apps from being Pirated

We had reported about a jailbreak app called Crackulous which strips the copy protection from iPhone apps and render them free for distribution. At that time, we had commented that this was bad news for iPhone developers and that cracking iPhone apps or installing cracked iPhone apps was crossing the...

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  • K
    K Posts: 44
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    Wow what a rip off. $100? These guys are just looking for money and if you are an app developer I would suspect in a HUGE profit loss

  • freegadgets4you
    freegadgets4you Posts: 9
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    Wish people would stop pretending this is good news :-)
    I hate paying for stuff specialy when its crap, like most of the stuff on the app store.

  • Andrew
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    So let me get this straight. I am a developer and I get a percentage off my profit taken because Apple hosts my product, ok. But for an extra layer of protection, I have to pay a setup fee of 100$ and after Apple takes their commission, I have to pay ANOTHER fee to these guys for every sell I make?

    Umm, even with this so called piracy, the truth is, Apps in the AppStore sell quite a bit of products and there is a lot to be made on it. There has been research (though I can't remember where I read this) that if someone does pirate you application, they are not likely to pay for the product in the first place no matter what.

    Please, don't buy into this crap and only a very small percentage of people jailbreak, let alone an even smaller population uses cracks. I wouldn't worry about piracy of your applications for a while though the problem should be fixed about allowing trials. because there is a lot of junk in the AppStore I wish I could test before using. Anyways, don't use this please...and don't encourage them by wasting your money. Do the math, you will lose more per app than you would buying this and using it. All about economics.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Thanks folks for the feedback, I have update the posted highlighting some of the concerns you have raised.

  • Marcus
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    not worth it, not gonna install cracked apps so the developers need to save there money and use the extra to help make their apps that much better we love updates that improve on your app, Apple will come out with updates that will keep cracked apps at bay so dont worry too much about that

  • Rob
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    Since cracked apps cannot be updated, couldn't the dev release some kind of "lite" version 1.0 (the one which will ultimately get cracked) and require the iphone users who PAY for the app to update it to a 1.1 which is a full version?
    That way the ones who opt for the crack version still don't get the full version for free.

    Just an idea. It sounds like a lot more work but I'm sure there are ways to do this easily.

  • buck
    buck Posts: 2
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    cracked apps can be updated.

  • Awayze
    Awayze Posts: 10
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    Yeh but theres ALWAYS one person that will upgrade, crack it and then share it with the rest of us. Theres soooo much cr*p in the App Store that trying crack versions is usually a good thing if there isn't a lite version of the app.

    Besides I don't think any dev would charge for an update. They'd release a full version of the app so new iPhone users can try the app before buying.

  • buck
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    cat and mouse game

  • j3z
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    yea seems more like a new developer mafia lol.. offering protection for a cut, when apple clearly can't secure their stuff lol.. who get's screwed here?? making the mafia app #1 and most widely used hahaha.. nice try

  • geogo3r
    geogo3r Posts: 127
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    Le Sigh.

    This isn't smart at all. It's just going to be like all other anti-piracy policies and programs out there; It's just going to be more of a hassle for those legitimately buying the product.

  • Miss Virtual Reality
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    That may be a quick and expensive fix to this, but as well all know that hackers are damn good at hacking. So they will find a way to get around Kali Anti-Piracy.