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    [iPad Mini] IOS7.0.0 Apple logo stuck, install ios7 again? problems please help!


    So, I got a iPad mini 1gen WIFI.
    I'm at firmware ios 7.0.0 and I was trying to jailbreak but because of latest update (on air) it stucked at the apple logo.
    but now if I want to restore iTunes will install IOS7.1 and I don't want to install that
    because it's not jailbreak supported yet.
    so I downloaded a IOS7.0 firmware to restore it to that via iTunes and I couldn't do it (error...) also IOS 7.0.6 didn't work.
    So I was searching everywhere and I found that Redsn0w can restore too!
    but that also didn't work.

    So, now I'm asking you guys for help! I really want to jailbreak!
    please help me, Thanks!

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