Apple Replacing iPad 3 Units Exhibiting Any Wi-Fi Issue

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imageApple Replacing iPad 3 Units Exhibiting Any Wi-Fi Issue

Couple of weeks back, we reported that some iPad 3 users were reporting Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Some of you had also confirmed that you had noticed the issue as well.

9to5Mac reports that they've got hold of an internal AppleCare document, which reveals that Apple is actively investigating the poor Wi-Fi performance affecting the third-generation iPad.


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  • OGT
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    Congrats All iPadsBetaTesters you Did well....! Now find more issues, apple is very appreciated
  • Dan o
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    I don't think this is a big problem. Just like with the IPad that gets hotter. My girlfriends iPad 3 wifi only is working just fine.
  • fas
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    So its a hardware issue?
  • Trapp
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    Ghod! Haters! On your mark, get set, whine!
  • mkimid
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    There are too many hidden stories ~
  • Dave Greco
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    If it were a bug they'd release a software update to fix it. So your beta testing theory is pretty ignorant. There was likely a bad batch of wireless chips and I am sure that the affected demograph is small. That or there is no real problem at all but Apple is being pro active in trying to identify one if there is. Wireless performance can be affected by so many things down to running your microwave, lighting or being in the wrong line of sight to your router. For a lot of people that are new to such mobile devices they may have no idea how polluted the wireless wavelengths are and how line of sight works and is affected by different materials and interferences.
  • Danny Kennedy
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    I had return one for Apple store. They giving me the new one, then I was using two more week the happen come again. Now I already return back to them no more to using the Ipad 2012. Suck.
  • OGT
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    "Apple Fanboy Talking" If apple is replacing the freaky iPad, is obviously that the iPad is not working well, if this issue was a software bug, Hello where is the new update to fix it iOS5.1.1Who is the ignorant?
  • steven
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    I had that problem with my New iPad, but I couldn't change it by another one, because it's a gift from my family on Europa. So I was looking for a solution, and I found an alternative, it's about some cases (suppose it fix signal wifi) I was skeptical about it, so I searched for more information and found that it have a certification confirming this, so I bought some one, and it works. They are made by Pong Research and have nice models.