Apple and Australian Regulator Unable to Reach Deal on Branding of 4G LTE iPad

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imageApple and Australian Regulator Unable to Reach Deal on Branding of 4G LTE iPad

An agreement regarding the branding of the 4G LTE version of the new iPad is continuing to be an area of dispute between Apple and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC wants Apple to change the name of the 4G LTE iPad after the branding of the device as "iPad Wi-Fi + 4G" mislead customers to believe that the new iPad could run on and access any 4G LTE network in Australia.

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  • Eric In Oz
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    More tall poppy stuff. The product is fantastic and innovative and yet the ACCC wants to deny it to Australians over an obvious naming issue. Talking about presenting the Aussie consumer as dumb. Maybe it says more about the ACCC than it does about Apple.Telstra steals the 4G name and everyone else has to dance to that tune? Why?
  • 68charger
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    I agree with the Aussies. It's misleading. I nearly upgraded to the ipad 3 for the better screen and 4G but when I did some research and found that in this instance 4G only meant USA and Canada then it was a no go device. Waste of time upgrading in my eye just for a better screen and restrictive 4G. You can't advertise as a 4G device in countries that are not supported. That's misleading.
  • Bill
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    I love apple and got plenty of there products but recently I think there becoming a big Nasty/false company, I think it is very misleading that the iPad only works on 4g in America, there not very clear at telling you that either, what with Siri not working in the uk or any of the 4g devices there really isn't anything new and apple scream from the rooftops our new iPad 4g or ou fantastic 4s which only half works, I feel robbed, at least all of my 3GS and iPad 2 functioned properly, not it feels like my 4s and ipad 3 will never get used to its full potential!
  • Mick
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    Mate, there not trying to deny Australian consumers; just get it advertised right. Telstra didn't steal the term 4g they are just only network setup to offer the speeds, but the iPad does not comply with the standards required. Many people have been illinformed the new iPad will be faster with its 4g capabilities the accc are trying to ensure that is not a case of misleading advertising and naming
  • Paul
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    All the adverts I,ve seen shows that 4G LTE only works in USA and Canada. Don't understand why SIri does not work in UK. I was in West Africa a couple of months ago and it worked well in three different counties as long as i have internet connection.
  • TallyHo
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    The ACCC should be investigating Telstra for it's network is not 4G but rather Telstra FakeG created by them Ericsson retards. Telstra's network is known in professional circles as "LTE Basic" which is not 4G. 4G is referred to as "LTE Advanced" and by definition provides a minimum of 100Mb/s speed of which Telstra's FakeG network doesn't even do half of that.So considering hundreds of millions of dollars are being wasted by Telstra on this gross mistake of building an incompatible network by world standards, it looks like some corrupt money is being thrown ACCCs way by Telstra so it can establish some pithy legal recedent that their FakeG network is 4G even though it has many downfalls including requiring custom handsets to be manufactured for it.Apple should tell the ACCC to crawl back into its hole for not knowing what 4G really is.
  • Oliver
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    Siri does work in the UK. However it struggles to understand anyone from the north. Luckily I am from the south, but even I have found that it works less and less these days, as it seems the servers are struggling to cope. Perhaps why the new ipad doesnt come with siri?The new ipad should simply not be allowed to be called 4G in countries where it doesn't work, (88 of the 90 countries it's sold in). Apple have a VERY long history of misleading its customers, using words like 'revolutionary' for features that have been provided as standard by most other manufaturers for many years. I still don't understand why you can't use facetime over a mobile network, or why it doesn't support standard video calling compatible with the other handsets on the market (some 10 years old!). Thank god for jailbreaking for being able to give you simple features which shouldn't ever have been missing. Does anyone remember the big who-ha they made when they gave us copy and paste!!! A feature which worked perfectly well on the early 2000's XDA handsets running Windows Mobile. Yes they gave us the same old line, that they wanted to perfect it before giving it to us. But the process is exactly the same as on the old Windows Mobile 6, you hold your finger down for 3 seconds and it gives you the options for copy, cut and paste... Except that windows mobile did it a bit better, in that it showed you how much longer to hold your finger, and gave you more options when you did.... But never mind, 9 years later apple introduced it. The big question is why didn't they just make an ipad which works in more than the US and Canada? It's not hard, handset manufacturers do it!