Concept: iTunes-based Solution to Manage iPhone Apps

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imageConcept: iTunes-based Solution to Manage iPhone Apps

Are you struggling to manage the growing number of iPhone apps that you have downloaded from the App Store? Do you find it painful to re-arrange the iPhone apps across multiple home screens and keep them organized? If the answer is yes, then you will appreciate the iTunes-based solution to...

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  • Chris
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    I manage them by installing things like iFiveRows 5Columns, in addition to some launchers.

  • Sam
    Sam Posts: 218
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    I think this looks like a great idea, especially because when u jailbreak ur iphone it puts all ur apps back on in a different order

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Chris,

    Sounds useful, will check these apps.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • Azhar
    Azhar Posts: 8
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    I would like to make a 'Playlist' for the apps to be loaded on a single click. Like if I was going on a vacation, I would sync the playlist 'Vacation' and all my apps regarding vacation will be synced to my iphone. And when I am back, I would sync the playlist 'Work' and all my work related apps would be synced back on it. Saves time rearranging and sorting through hundreds of apps which I have. Make an 'Install List' of the apps according to your mood and sync.

  • Spencer
    Spencer Posts: 9
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  • kDub
    kDub Posts: 48
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    haha what a neat little video.
    i like the idea of being able to change everything from the computer..
    but Azhar has a point. being able to make such a 'playlist' work just makes sense.
    why doesn't something like that already exist?

    or how about more than 9 pages on the home screen?
    its probably unlikely that one person uses every app on their iPhone on a daily basis..but for those that want to have them when they need them (especially with well over 10k apps in the appstore available) isn't a bit restricting?

    to tell you the truth, it is a little tedious trying add a bunch of apps (after removing them from the iphone) because of the time it takes to install them again..but with an easier method to organize the apps, it wouldn't be such a hassle in my opinion.

  • moz
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    Categories on Cydia does the thing for me. I got one folder for Games, one for Office tools (file editors and document viewers), one for networking/file administration, one for misc tools, one for gadgets...

  • bastian gatten
    bastian gatten Posts: 43
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    I like it and hope to see it soon.

  • Major
    Major Posts: 15
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    dont forget about categories.

  • Kray-Z
    Kray-Z Posts: 85
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    I love the concept, no it wouldnt be ideal for daily changes but when you want to majorly reorginize or for the "playlist" idea, it would be easyer to make those changes between work and vacation. And for those of us that charge out phone via out computer or use itunes alot then it wouldnt be that bad, you just memorize the change that was bugging you earlyer that day and when you get home, and have your phone charging and listening to itunes then its a meer few clicks away to change it. I also love the fact that you can reserve spots on the screen and leave them blank, unlike currently were you have to fill every spot.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Azhar,

    That's an interesting idea.

    Apple needs to figure out with a better app management system and I am quite confident they are building it as we speak.

  • komik fıkralar
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