Snapguide Becomes First iOS App to Allow You to Share to Pinterest

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imageSnapguide Becomes First iOS App to Allow You to Share to Pinterest

Snapguide - the iPhone app that allows you to create simple and beautiful how-to guides for anything using videos, photos and words on your iPhone, now also allows users to share them on Pinterest. It's the first iOS app to include Pinterest integration.

App updates usually aren't too noteworthy, but Snapguide's update that pushed its way into the App Store just today, is fairly significant. Snapguide is the first application to integrate sharing to the popular social network, Pinterest.

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    As much as I don't like the idea of apps integrating themselves with Facebook, I think some communication between apps and the phone itself is important. I think apps should have an idea of what apps I have installed on my phone. And while that might set off privacy issues for some, I would think that a "smartphone" should know better than to ask you to "Share to Pinterest" if you don't have a Pinterest account.
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    You know what I hate, advertisements that start automatically. You know what I hate even more.... advertisements that start automatically and can't be muted, stopped, or paused. Get a little more professional iphonehacks.