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    CarrierCompare - Approved, Removed, and Approved Again

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageCarrierCompare - Approved, Removed, and Approved Again

    Ever since Apple launched the App Store almost four years ago, some applications are [mistakenly] approved and then suddenly removed.

    CarrierCompare has a unique story to tell regarding Apple's approval process, which first approved their app, then removed it and then approved it again.

    Read the full story here


    • GrimeGrime Posts: 216
      via Wordpress
      I'm guessing Apple will find another reason to reject the updated app. Publishing negative information about a carrier is a no no. Freedom of speech isn't popular when it interferes with the bottom line, you know the almighty dollar. Let see what happens.
    • RiCoRiCo Posts: 51
      via Wordpress
      Are u that sure mr.knows everthing?
    • GrimeGrime Posts: 216
      via Wordpress
      Didn't say I was sure about anything, just an educated guess. Look up the definition of guess, and while you're at it take a look into Apples all knowing app approving practices. By the way I'd rather be a Mr. Know it all (Which I'm not) than a Mr. Know nothing. I've said it before I like Apple products its some of their business practices and greed that I have a problem with. The funny thing is that Apple fan boys can't see because they have their heads to far up Apples............. Yes, that means you. lol Please open your eyes and your mind before posting or have something to add to conversation other than insults. Back up your argument with substance and support
    • Mr. DoMr. Do Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Apple is sweet :-)
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