Steve Wozniak: Windows Phone is More Beautiful And Intuitive, Android 'No Contest', Still Loves iPho

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imageSteve Wozniak: Windows Phone is More Beautiful And Intuitive, Android 'No Contest', Still Loves iPhone

In a phone interview with Dan Patterson, Todd Moore and Gina Smith of aNewDomain, Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak has expressed his thoughts on Windows Phone.

He seems to be quite impressed with Windows Phone user interface and favored the Windows Phone's "looks and beauty" over Android.

He found the Windows Phone user interface to be more intuitive than the Android phone. He felt Android's user interface was much more cumbersome.

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  • Doug
    Doug Posts: 17
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    is this iPhone jailbroken? Does he have a contract or he bought factory unlocked?
  • tetra
    tetra Posts: 26
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    omg dude like what u just said is 10 light years away from the article
  • Hmmm?
    Hmmm? Posts: 59
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    Why can't all people be as open as him? Can't imagine how it is to carry all these phones and accessories around. Surprised he still uses his Razr over his Galaxy Nexus.
  • pac
    pac Posts: 15
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    tl;dr: who cares, use what suits your needs. stop fanboyism and brand "loyalty". every device has its purpose, some fulfill where others fall short.
  • a11starm3
    a11starm3 Posts: 1
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    He is a fan of jailbreaks. He demonstrated on tv how to use jailbreakme at one point. I can't remember the show.
  • Olaf
    Olaf Posts: 66
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    Excellent comment. I love my iPhone. But I know it falls short in certain areas. To each his own. Get what works for you.
  • Manoj
    Manoj Posts: 6
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    Here in South Africa we are always on the back burner.. Despite our consumer power. I always get a phone on contract as this is more affordable although at the end we always get screwed with Data. The contracts lasts 2 years so my last phone was Nokia N97.. What a box of Sh*$t. The same day I got it I realized I was going to hate it! But there was. No other choice besides purchasing cash and that works out more expensive on prepaid and contract is the with free phone or without. At last got the IPhone 4s on contract and found out what I had been missing for so long! Wow could there be something even better? Nokia burned me with their failed N97 and now once bitten twice shy..
  • Thomas
    Thomas Posts: 125
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    This article goes against his last press where he stated that Siri was useless and that he had wished his iPhone could do what android does. Conflicting stories longer creditable.
  • Kimk69
    Kimk69 Posts: 213
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    Exactly Thomas, that's what I was just thinking. What I'm thinking is he probably played with Siri a little more and got used to the way it could work if done right. IMO. Maybe he just jumped the gun on his comments on the 4S a while back.