Apple Rejecting Apps With Dropbox Integration For Violating App Store Review Guidelines

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imageApple Rejecting Apps With Dropbox Integration For Violating App Store Review Guidelines

The Next Web reports that Apple has rejected a number of apps with Dropbox integration.

Apps with Dropbox integration can either authenticate through the installed Dropbox app or opens a webpage to let users log in to their Dropbox account.

As seen in the screenshot below, the problem with the web-based login is that it includes a link that allows users to signup for the service and purchase storage, thus bypassing Apple's App Store, which violates App Store review guidelines.

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  • noview
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    **** you, Apple. **** you. you're hurting your customers, not your rivals.
  • Fonzie
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    I have to agree. After going through 3 Android phones and feeling the software still wasn't mature enough, I switched to the iPhone 4 almost a year ago. While the iPhone has several pluses going for it, the insanely closed nature is nothing short of infuriating at times. Yes, I've jailbroken the phone which resolves most desires, but as soon as I see a proper Android, I'm going back. Unless the iPhone5/iOS6 combo blows my socks off, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Nosferatu
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    This...worrying about jailbreaks all the time and finding exploits...what a joke. iBabySitter for the iSheep :)
  • Bob
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    Nosferatu there is little difference between jaibreaking iPhone and rooting your Android to side load apps or alter the OS.Many of the Android vendors are just as restrictive, and having to root your device to get the latest OS updates faster than 6mo to a year after they are released is ridiculous.
  • Hmmm?
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    Restrictive? And the blame goes to the Carriers as well with their need have their bloatware installed and to change the design and internals. You also have to realize that when Google announces a major update, that is around the time when they release it to OEMs. So even without modifications it takes quite a while to implement and test the updates for their various phones with varying internals from various Carriers. An iPhone is only good to me if it is Jailbroken but that also takes quite some time with firmware updates and with newer models. I am very interested in the next iPhone but the wait for a jailbreak is what worries me. Depending on the announcement of the S3 tomorrow, there is a very high chance I'll go with it or the One X which is already available through my Carrier.
  • Jonny Cash
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    I dont like dropbox in the first place, they use users in distributing their marketing by throwing a couple of MG for eatch referral, its plain old and stupid.Just wait for a nice service offered by google, ms or apple. I dont they all have already these services but they arent in the battle yet. Dropbox will become history when these players arrive. For now cloud space isnt so important yet, its not thrustworthy no ones puts sensitive data on them cause they are easily hacked. Its a perfect way to put your stuff near the hackers they dont even need to hack your computer, its right there on the cloud :)
  • Pacomac
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    I think you will find a lot of big bucks has recently been thrown at Dropbox, even big names like U2 investing in them. I bet Apple sees them as a threat to iDisk and iCloud!
  • Antonia
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    nothing to see here. move along.... if you have dropbox , and an app that is integrated with it you are good to go. just go to the website signup and no big deal
  • Fonzie
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    I like the way you think. It's nice to see some people still realize there are plenty of viable options out there and that owning a device does not make you part of the company. It's a piece of tech guys, it's OK to try something might actually be better. Lastly, I could not agree more about the jailbreak. Without it, the iPhone is not device I can use on a daily basis and enjoy it. So the fact that it's becoming more of a challenge to customize a piece of tech that I purchased is down right frightening.
  • Thunderwing
    Thunderwing Posts: 4
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    And Dropbox isn't suing Apple for antitrust violations WHY? Perhaps they should talk to Mr. "Fast and Furious" Eric Holder; he's already suing Apple for antitrust on "price fixing" (likely to distract from Fast and Furious and the death(s) he's responsible for because of it). This would actually be a LEGITIMATE antitrust case for the Attorney General.
  • Biobot
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