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    EA is Not Killing Original Rock Band For iPhone; Claims In-App Message Was Sent in Error

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    imageEA is Not Killing Original Rock Band For iPhone; Claims In-App Message Was Sent in Error

    Yesterday, EA sent an in-app message informing users that it was closing down its original Rock Band iOS app on May 31st.

    The message read: "Dear Rockers, On May 31st, ROCK BAND will no longer be playable on your device. Thanks for rocking out with us!".

    This obviously did not go down too well with users who have paid for the app. In fact, the original Rock Band app was initially sold for as high as $9.99.

    Read the full story here


    • ballsballs Posts: 7
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    • A1d3NA1d3N Posts: 23
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      F the haters @iphonehackx, I dig your blog. I see people complaining about rumours not being news etc but I love reading about it all. I visit your site every day to catch up on all the latest apple news. Cheers for being awesome and to anyone who complains, don't read. Simple.
    • JerryJerry Posts: 47
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    • pakakupakaku Posts: 31
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      I'm one of many who boycott EA's business because of blunders like these. I think this was a reaction, not an honest error.
    • krakenkraken Posts: 36
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      Its a slippery slope. When you buy something, there is a reasonable expectation that its yours and you will be able to use it indefinitely. If companies can disable something you paid for to save a few dollars (or to force you to re-buy an inferior new version), what is to stop them from always doing it all the time? Many people emailed Tim Cook to tell him a move like EA made makes them lose all faith in the app store ecosystem. This likely scared Apple into making EA change their practices. If EA had gotten away with it, I expect that within a few years, apps would get disabled all the time.
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